Friday, September 23, 2011

Halter Wedding Dress,

Maybe some of you had guessed that I would compare wedding dresses from different decades. I've compared dresses from the 19th century with a few decades up to 1980's. It's wedding season after all, although I've been getting the impression that the wedding season has been continuous from January 2009 to now. I haven't heard of a wedding proposal from my friend's boyfriend as yet, for those of you who've read my blog "Whose Getting Married?"

First of all, I finished working on my free web page and porfolio to promote SK Clothes. For now I have the homepage for promotion seperate from the portfolio to show my work. I'll make them one cohesive website when I gather the funds. I'm kind of excited about it, I did it myself using and the templates Wix has for the use of newby web designers. It was a lot of fun. If you want to check them out, go to (homepage) and (portfolio page). Let me know what you think.

Well, I'm currently working on two dresses made of recycled fabric, a blouse made from a scarf and still working on my daughter's mini line which has been on hold briefly. Hope I can post pictures starting next week.

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