Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring/Summer Wedding Nails 2011

I've recently created a set of wedding nails that took me ages to complete. For some reason, I had a design mental block and threw away several nail designs before I came up with the final set.

My friend's wedding dress was cream and gold and her evening gown was a beautiful emerald. I wanted to create a set of nails that's suitable for a Spring/Summer wedding that incorporate all the above colours.

I had to discard these nails because they didn't pass my strictest critique (my dad)!

The big green glitter was making it look really busy and the dried flowers were not bright and glam enough for a wedding, said my critique :) These were the final set created after some additional input from my critique (thanks dad!).

Under Natural Light

Under Fuorescent Lights

The rest of the nails. Only the thumbs and ring finger's got 3D acrylic flowers.

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