Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 reasons why we love short wedding dresses...

{Photo courtesy of D Weddings}

{Photo courtesy of Caribbean Bride}

1. The LOOK: It's got personality! Trendy or classic, sweet or sexy, retro or mod.

2. Legs! Got a less than taut tummy? Feeling a little hopelessly hippy? Your legs look good. REALLY good! You know it, he knows it...Let everyone else in on it. Show off your god-given, gorgeous assets.

3. Location, location, location... City Hall, chapels, beaches and bluffs. Redwood groves, your parent's backyard, and Vegas! Completely appropriate for any of the above.

4. Comfortable and cool. No train, No dragging hem. No sweating thighs. Want to swing dance with your honey on the big day? Kick up your heels! Got a tot or two already in tow? Keep up with the kids, no problem! Want to wade in the surf in wedded bliss...go to it!

5. Fun, or formal. It's festive and easy for barbecue-in-the- backyard weddings and easy to move around in if you are getting married at your favorite Italian restaurant. It's also chic and sophisticated for a 5 o'clock wedding, dinner and reception in the wine country...Or, you could totally bling it up for that New Year's Eve wedding at The San Francisco City Club.

6. Affordable. Surprisingly, not all of them are as inexpensive as you might think... But they sure can be! If you want to spend under $1000? Under $500? ...it get's a whole lot easier! Not to mention, you'll spend less on alterations, since there will be no need to hem 10 -12 layers of satin, tulle or lace just to be able to walk...It's already off.

7. A second life for your wedding dress. Maybe you scoff at the idea of wearing your wedding dress again, and once is enough. Or, you may be secretly hoping against hope that you get a little more mileage out of your fabulous dress. Add a sash and cardigan. Pair it with black pumps and a blazer. Or, get it dyed, and pull it out on your anniversaries!

8. Accessories. Love shoes? We do too! This is your big chance to show them off...Pink Havianas or classic peep-toe couture, cowboy boots or ballet flats: Let your inner fashionista out.

9. No need to change for the reception (Does anyone still do this?)Well, you won't need to, because you'll be able to say 'I do' in style, and still have fun at your party.

10. It's YOU. Maybe you're not a tux and tulle kind of couple. Or, maybe you are totally into tulle, but not the princess-cupcake kind...You want the peek-a-boo, electric yellow kind! What defines a wedding dress is if you wear it to get married...whether it's white or purple, beaded or plain, long or SHORT!

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