Monday, September 19, 2011

Alternatives to Traditional Designer Wedding Dresses By Torri Myler

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There is nothing wrong with tradition. In fact, most traditions are lovely, endearing and touching, making them worth cultivating. However, some traditions can be quite boring and limiting, so breaking them is not that bad of an idea. Especially when it comes to designer wedding dresses 2011. Obviously there is nothing wrong with beautiful white dresses, but sometimes a girl needs to get in touch with her modern side and instead of opting for a princess-like gown, go for something more edgy and not so much what everybody else is designer wedding dresses 2011.

One of the easiest ways to break with the tradition of pure white designer wedding dresses 2011 is to add color to your big day outfit. A pretty ribbon in the same color as your bridesmaids dresses will be a nice accent, whether you tie it at your waist or put it in your hair. A layer of colorful tulle under the top white designer wedding dresses 2011 layer will turn your dress magical, and so will gradual coloring from the bottom à la Gwen Stefani's hot pink and white wedding dress. And if you're even bolder than just a splash of color, skip designer wedding dresses 2011 and move over to the colorful bridesmaid dresses, since they are occasion-appropriate while at the same time offering a great selection of colors and cuts.

And speaking of cuts, a great way to break away from traditional designer wedding dresses 2011 is to reach for something short and cute. More and more designers venture into the world of short wedding dresses giving you a chance to be a modern bride or a vintage '50s inspired one like Audrey Hepburn in "Funny Face". This kind of designer wedding dresses 2011 specializes in its adoption of orangza material and its a-line silhoutette. There are beadings decorated on the waist. The real goods will be 95% matched with the designer wedding dresses 2011..
For many brides their wedding day is as much about the designer wedding dresses 2011as it is about the occasion. But you can't forget that it's getting married to the person you love that is the idea behind this big event, not showcasing your gown or having one bridesmaid more than all your friends. Colors of designer wedding dresses 2011 must not be pure. With the changing of world trend, in addition to white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but also increasingly popular from the pink, pink orange, blue, purple, green and light silver-gray. If you are bold enough to try to dark green, purplish red, deep purple ornaments decorated in pink designer wedding dresses 2011, the formation of rich colors, the dress, the effect is very special. . And it really shouldn't matter if you're getting married in a short leather designer wedding dresses 2011, a long tulle and bow gown or a lace suit. The choice is yours so make sure to stick to your guns on it.

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