Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the best wedding dress

A family member is going to get married very soon. I cannot mention her name (yet) but I am tasked with finding the right dress. It saddens me that we cannot showcase our own cultural heritage through the wedding attires. It needs a lot of thought and refining to do that. I hope someday, someone will take the challenge of creating a Moro wedding dress that is beautiful, contemporary and Shariah compliant.

So I look to Malaysian fashion to fulfill this task. It is closer to our culture than the gowns worn by everybody else. I had the chance to check some Malay boutiques at the PKNS Complex in Shah Alam the other day and found the perfect dress. The baju kurung is made of snowy white silk fabric with embroidery and beads. As for the groom, the white baju Melayu with kain samping made of Songket. All in white, symbol of purity. The couple are young and free and have the whole world waiting for them. There are other choices, shown below.

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