Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preview 2011 wedding dresses

We know, we know!! It's not even the fourth of July yet... But the Fall Promo for bridesmaids is too terrific to miss. If you plan early, you can save your dear friends a LOT of money by ordering your bridesmaid dresses before the holidays. (Your girlfriends will appreciate this...REALLY!)

Lest you think ordering before the holidays sounds nuts ("I'm not getting married until June! I don't need to order in November") consider this:
All fall promo orders typically arrive into our store mid-March. For late May and early June Weddings, this is the perfect amount of time ahead of your wedding date (8 weeks)!
Early spring weddings may even want to order a little sooner. Later weddings will have plenty of time to pat themselves on the back for being so on top of their game.

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